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4th Annual Jax Poetry Fest  |  April 3-27, 2019

APRIL 7, 2018

Facilitated by Fredrick Dale. We will examine the metaphor of the bridge in Robert Frost's "Birches" and a section of Soldier's long poem "WHEREAS."  We will establish what, exactly, the poets are bridging, but we'll also pay attention to the bridge itself--its cultural and religious implications. 

Robert Frost and Layli Long Soldier: Substance of the Metaphorical Bridge

1-1:50pm MOCA 1, 5th classroom

Facilitated by Madeline Windsor.

Black out poetry (also known as ‘erasure’ poetry) is a form of found poetry by blacking out words with a sharpie from an existing page. It can be from a page from a book, or newspaper, or anything with words. The words left over can then be organized into new lines or stanzas, and give way to new meanings and ideas.

Black Out Poetry

1-3 pm Chamblins Uptown

Facilitated by Kristi Lee Schatz. Do you desire to write poetry, make art, or perform creative tasks more effortlessly and with great joy? In this workshop, you will take a guided tour into the workings of your unconscious mind to explore your relationship with the most creative part of yourself. By connecting the bridge from your highly symbolic unconscious mind to your conscious mind, you will discover and dissolve mental blocks that keep you from accessing your creative flow state naturally. During the process, you will also access rich metaphors that can be used to write your next masterpiece. 

The Metaphorical Land of your Unconscious Mind

2-2:50 pm MOCA classroom 1, 5th floor

Facilitated by Keri Foster.

Pick local poet and spoken-word event host Keri Foster's brain on topics from the amount of narcissism necessary to get your words on to paper in the first place to where in town you can learn how to perform your writing for an audience. We'll write a short piece using a "ripcord" aka a device to get your subconscious to open up. In this instance, our pieces will begin with "Let me" to entice our secret wants. Bring a journal and a pen and let's go analog, baby.

Bringing the Poetic Subconscious to Life

1-1:50pm MOCA classroom 2, 5th floor

Faciltated by Jenn Wolfe. Celebrate poetry and learn several new techniques for using words to connect with self and others. We will explore themes of connection and spirit as we read poetry, write stories, and share our words in the setting of this lovely museum. 

Bring your favorite journal and pen!

Women Writing

for (a) Change

3-3:50 pm MOCA classroom 1, 5th floor

Facilitated by Stephanie Brendle. This class will explore how to transform rough hewn work into a high polish shine through the power of collaboration and critique. Participation is preferred. 

Building Bridges:

The Fundamentals of Collaboration and Critique.

3-3:50 pm MOCA classroom 2, 5th floor


This concludes #JaxPoetryFest2018. Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, facilitators and poetry participants for helping us celebrate national Poetry Month. The fun doesn't have to end now! Stick around for the Jacksonville Lantern Parade at 8 pm.

Jacksonville Lantern Parade presented by VyStar Credit Union, an illuminated celebration of creativity, art, children, and the St.Johns River.

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